Built on the shoulders of giants

If you're new here, you might not know that the very beginning of Citreae happened because of a bunch of wonderful people. These extraordinary people and their companies supported the platform early stage and with great enthusiasm. And this is The Everlasting Wall of Gratitude for that.

Lifetime Members Benefits

Lifetime members have paid once and will receive updates and additions for free forever.

Eternal Gratitude = Exposure

Name, Company Name and Link to the company website will be here eternally. Instant fame!

Gratitude goes a long way...

Questions about CLM

The Citreae Lifetime Membership is unique and not available at all times. That raises questions and here you find the most important answers.

At undefined moments in time there is an opportunity to get a Citreae Membership that lasts a lifetime. It gives all current and future benefits for a 1-time payment. AND it will add you and your company to the Lifetime Members' page for eternity.

The price differs, but usually increases every next time available. This is in line with the added value of the platform over time.

Nice try: No.

Unfortunately, not. We do not issue full or partial refunds and the people who make this choice do this usually fully aware and un-drunk. And because they fully support the Citreae initiative.

Contact me for special requests like these.